Taking the PLUNGE!


So I took the plunge! Decision made.

I have been working out as you probably already know and things are moving along nicely (not afraid to look at myself in the mirror quite as much anymore..) work in progress here folks.

Enough with the suspense.

I went ahead and decided to “try” Isogenics or Isagenix or whatever the hell it is. I am committed to giving this thing a try.  Why do I say try?  Because I am the type of guy to get my money back if “the shit” doesn’t work.

Ya know what I mean?!?!

If a company has such a bad ass product (MLM or not, I don’t care who or what the company is) they better be willing to stand behind it and if it sucks, I want my money back.  I checked with my friend before buying and she told me that Isagenix offers a 30 day money back guarantee.  Cool, sold!  (For now, ha ha)

I have done this SO many times i.e. asked for my money back because I didn’t see results or the product was just plain garbage and that is one reason I went with Isagenix.

Sort of a lame reason I know but I also wanted to at least try something out.

I feel good about my decision, the product is basically free if its garbage so what do I have to lose.

The other reason (sort of lame as well) is because my friend offered me some isagenix coupons and I think I saved about 100$.

Hmm, looking at this post makes me feel cheap. Ha ha, ok.. So yea, I am cheap. No point in hiding the fact. I like to say “thrifty.” I have my lil girl and I to support so call me what you may, I don’t care.

I will report back on my results.



Life Hacks – Weight Loss – Part 2

Part 2, lets rock.

Ok, starvation type of “diet” is not my thing. In fact any type of “diet” is not my thing. I am a man for crying out loud!

Wonderslim – Wow, what a name. Just the name makes me freak out but still I wanted to know what this product was all about. Looking at the site I was more pleasantly surprised but I hate pop ups and the pop ups alone on that site sort of left a bad taste in my mouth. I wonder how their “food” tastes. The methodology or diet looks ok, a bit too many packaged products for my liking.

Check out this sample menu:

WonderSlim Weight Loss and Diet Plans for Men

I am not totally sold on this but to me it’s better than Medifast. I am not looking to replace so many meals per day with man made meals (i.e. bars/gadgets/soups/gimmicks) but the cost of wonderslim does seem more affordable than medifast and medifast is definitely out.

Next up – Isagenix

I have a friend of mine who has been trying to get me to “try” this product for some time. The one thing I like about this product is that it is being touted as a “cleansing” product with the side effect of losing weight.

Hmm, seems interesting. Not that I know that much about cleansing but I like the sound of that. I am sure the American diet isn’t the healthiest and a cleanse sounds nice (to my body) and to my mind, haha.

I found this video on youtube, sort of sucked me in to be honest. I know my friend has seen some pretty serious results with it and the cost of isagenix seems right in line with my budget. I need to talk to my friend more about this one.

I don’t know too much about the ingredients in this so I want to do some research. I’ll report back on this one.

Next up – Herbalife

Cristiano Ronaldo is sponsored by Herbalife and I am a big futbol fan so… I think I am sold.

Just joking, but they almost had me. What can I say. I must be biased, ha.

Looking around on the internet I found a few videos that you may find interesting. So she didn’t seem to to satisfied with the product and then this person seems to have really liked it. The thing I find really funny about this video is that she is talking about the new “doritos” flavor or a cinnabon. LOL. Oh man.

I know herbalife has been around what seems like forever so I am really interested in the ingredients. I found this list of ingredients and honestly I am not a big fan of soy proteins, fructose or ingredients I cannot pronounce. I also start to wonder when these lists get so damn LONG, yikes.

The search continues for now.

Help me out here. Does anyone have any positive experiences with these products? I would love to learn what you guys feel is helping you lose weight and feel great.

Definitely looking for more ENERGY as well!



Life Hacks – Weight Loss

Is it possible to speed up the weight loss process?

I am not new to the working out scene but being a single father has definitely put some time constraints on how much time (and energy) I can devote to making it to the gym.

I think this might happen to a lot of people who are in my shoes.  Not just single parents but parents in general.  My daughter is so awesome and I am 100% committed to be being an amazing father and thus far that means quite a bit of time spent.

So, I don’t have a ton of time but getting back in shape is important to me.  I am very knowledgeable about diet and healthy eating so I have that covered.  Once again I think making the time or finding the time to cook every meal has been a bit difficult.

My point in all of this is I have been researching and trying out a few different products on the market and would like to share what seems be legit vs not legit.

Caveat – I do feel that whole food is best but in a time crunched scenario (i.e. my life right now) supplementing with a meal replacement here and there as long as its top notch ingredients seems to be one “life hack” I am ok with.

Especially if its going to get me results.

Here are some of the products I am seeing out there on the market place.

Medifast - not a huge fan, the ingredients are pretty shite if you ask me.  I also wonder if this is a long term solution or just putting a band aid on an axe wound. I have had a few friends that seem to go on and off Medifast and honestly any results they achieve don’t seem to last for too long. Yo Yo is my point. Any type of starvation diet seems like bullshit to me and also how fun can that be?

I found this post on a message board (sfstegall is the posters name) and well.. enough said.. ha

I wanted to write more but my daughter just woke up from her nap.